Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation Review

Level of coverage

A completely full, flawless coverage.


Despite being matte, this is fairly luminous. When you apply a little blush and highlighter you can’t really tell that this is a matte foundation because it isn’t cakey or powdery.


A very impressive lasting power, this survived a morning out in the rain and then a full day without moving.

Techniques that you might need to know

Because the formula is so full, I’ve found it best to apply in small sections on the face and build as needed. I press a small dot onto each cheek, the forehead, the nose and the chin, and buff each one out one at a time. Unlike some matte foundations you have a fair amount of time to work with this before it dries.

You’ll like this if…  

– you have oily skin

– you want a flawless finish

– you need something that lasts a long day

Avoid if…

With an added SPF25, I wouldn’t wear this for any occasions because flash photography will create a flash back. I’d also make sure to prep dry skin thoroughly before using this because it will cling to any dry patches.

Products that work well with this 

Full coverage foundations can make the face look a little flat, so be sure to add points of light and shadow to create a more natural looking finish. Apply some bronzing powder where the sun would naturally hit and highlighter to the cheekbones, bridge of nose and cupid’s bow.

Everything else I need to tell you

This sits really well in the Giorgio Armani line because it’s a little gap that they had in their already brilliant foundation wardrobe. It’s more matte than Luminous Silk, as velvety as Maestro and has an SPF of 25 for those who prefer to wear it. Double Wear lovers are going to really like this one.

If you already wear a Giorgio Armani foundation, your local team will have a chart in store to tell you what shade you’ll be in Power Fabric based on your current shade. Do note: due to the SPF in the formula, this will oxidise slightly over time (get darker) and so you won’t be the same shade in this as you are in their other foundations. Don’t just buy a 6 in Power Fabric because you’re a 6 in Luminous Silk, for example. It comes in 15 shades.

If I had to describe this foundation in one sentence…

A completely full coverage foundation that feels light and fresh on the skin.

This foundation costs £37 and will launch this week.

Back in February, I reviewed a different foundation every day and as a result I have lots of foundation options for you to browse including all of the other Giorgio Armani foundations. To read more of my foundation reviews, see the full #FoundationFebruary list HERE.

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