IT Cosmetics Frequently Asked Questions

IT Cosmetics CC Cream before and after rose gallagher

I work with one of my favourite brands, IT Cosmetics, as their brand ambassador across the UK and Ireland. I love this role because it allows me to bring the brand to life in lots of different ways. On their social media pages you’ll find me making tutorials, on their website I write editorial features, I represent them as their guest presenter on QVC UK and I also host a podcast with them, Conversations in Confidence, which is my favourite part of being their ambassador.

Any time you see me talking about IT Cosmetics on my personal Instagram page, @RoseGallagher, I’ve chosen to do so outside of my commitments with the brand. I naturally talk about them a lot because I love them, which is why I was asked to become their ambassador in the first place!

I get asked a lot of the same questions about IT Cosmetics, so I thought it would be helpful to create a quick Q&A with some suggestions and videos attached to it.

What shade am I in the IT Cosmetics CC Cream?
There are a number of options to help you decide.

  • Look at this tool on the Ulta Beauty website (the clearest option)
  • DM the @ITCosmeticsUKI Instagram page
  • Book an online consultation with one of the IT Cosmetics UK team
  • Visit, type in what you wear in another brand, and see what they advise you would be closest matched to in CC Cream based on that information
  • Visit any IT Cosmetics counter to try the product and take away a sample

Which CC Cream will be best for me out of the original, illuminating or matte?
This is really a question of personal preference. The original CC Cream in the silver tube gives a fresh, natural finish and has a gel-like texture. You can wear this alone for a dewy look, or set it with powder to make it more matte. The illuminating CC Cream in the pink tube is fundamentally like the original CC Cream but adds more luminosity to the skin, and has a pearly finish to it. Whether you wear this alone or set it with powder, it will always look luminous. The matte CC Cream in the turquoise tube has a velvety matte finish, and a slightly more mousse like texture.

Which CC Cream is best for me if I have oily skin?
The matte CC Cream is specifically designed with an oily skin in mind. However, you can use any of the formulas, and I would recommend setting with powder if you are prone to an oily complexion.

Is the illuminating CC Cream glittery?
No. It is definitely luminous and has a pearly finish to it, but it won’t leave sparkles on your face. The video I’ve linked below will show you all three textures on the skin to give you an idea of what they all look like.

How do I stop the CC Cream clinging to dry patches?
Though there is a cocktail of skincare within the CC Cream itself, I would recommend using a separate moisturiser underneath it.

How do I build coverage using the CC Cream?
Personally, I use 2-3 pumps of CC Cream every time I apply. Try using slightly more product than you usually would and always set it with some powder if you are trying to build coverage. If you use a brush to do your make-up, keep your foundation brush freshly washed, as this will help to prevent streaks when you are applying your CC Cream. Whether you use your hands or a brush, I’d recommend applying a thin layer all over the face, then adding a bit more coverage where you need it.

Author: missrosegallagher

Make-up artist, beauty writer, and host of Beauty from the Heart podcast.

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