Joining Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival this month!

I am so pleased to share that this month I’ll be joining Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival.

I love Fearne’s Happy Place podcast so this project feels extra special to me. She has just launched a full programme of events which kicks off on June 12th for a whole month. All of the activities are free – things like talks you can listen to, meditations to follow, yoga classes to join – but if you wish to make a voluntary donation she is sharing proceeds between a number of charities. You can find everything on the website and ‘subscribe’ to the actives you want to take part in.

Mine is going to be a Self-Appreciation exercise, hosted on Saturday 27th June at 3pm. I’d really love for you to join. When you visit the Happy Place website, you navigate the site-map a bit like you’d find at a music festival. You can find me in the Wellbeing Garden and subscribe to the event.

Looking forward to seeing you there! In the meantime, do have a listen to Fearne’s Happy Place podcast if you haven’t already. It is really lovely. X

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