Daniel Sandler Radiant Sheen

I must start by discussing the packaging. A clean cut gold palette with simple black text, you know this is going to be pure luxury before you’ve even opened anything up. Inside, the lid contains a generous mirror and the quad itself is pressed with the initials ‘DS’. This is one of those items that feels like a treat in your make-up bag.

Now for the big question – how does it work? The quad consists of four shimmering shades: a cream, a rosy pink, a champagne and a gold. A light sweep of all four can work beautifully over cheekbones or lightly dusted all over the face for a natural glow, but the best bit is using them all for a multitude of things. Here are some suggestions:

  • Use the cream shade under brow bones and in the inner corner of the eyes to illuminate and brighten.
  • Dust a pop of the rosy shade on top of your normal blusher (mine being DS Watercolour Blusher in Cherub) to give a shimmering, glowing finish.
  • Save the champagne shade for your décolletage to add dimension and glow to your tan.
  • Use the golden colour as an eyeshadow. The warm tones will work especially well to contrast and emphasise blue eyes like mine.


If you’re someone who loves that highlighted, dewy look, then this will be a dream come true for you. I’ll be taking it on holiday to Marrakech with me next week because it is eyeshadow, blush and highlighter all rolled into one. What’s not to love?

You can find the Radiant Sheen powder for £28.00 on Daniel’s website, www.danielsandler.com. While you’re there be sure to check out his tutorials, too.

P.S Daniel is one of my favourite tweeters – he is so funny. Find him @DanielSandler.

Life without Moroccanoil…

I am due to go to Marrakech next week and lots of friends had told me about the incredible pure argan oil I was bound to find, so I decided against re-investing. The result? Total and utter hair chaos.

For the past fortnight, my usually smooth, compliant hair has been an absolute nightmare to tame. Naturally it is very dry and curly, so although it is never naturally sleek, the Moroccanoil helps to eradicate any frizz and keep it feeling silky to the touch. Despite using a number of oils and hydrating treatments with every wash, I just haven’t had nearly the same results with anything else.


This brief period has reminded me of the key things that Moroccanoil does for me…

  • Keeps my hair glossy and shiny
  • Helps to tame frizz by a mile
  • Sculpts curls if I’m going for the natural look or gives ease of styling if I’m blow drying
  • Smells delicious

Thankfully I have been reunited with my favourite oil in time for my Moroccan travels!


Nicki Minaj Pink Friday: Special Edition

With a spritz on each wrist, there is no denying that Special Edition is much sweeter than the original. If the subtle, musky notes of the original were too soft for you, then this might be the Nicki scent for you. Perfect for summer, Special Edition has been injected with a strong burst of grapefruit to add a citrus punch to Pink Friday.

One of the reasons Nicki gives for creating the Special Edition is that “changing my look is a way to express myself creatively”. With this in mind, she has of course mixed up the bottle. Following on from the original, a pink-haired cream torso, Special Edition is a white-haired pink torso bottle, equally girlie and picturesque on your dresser.

New notes:

  • Top notes of grapefruit, apple and raspberry
  • Heart notes of honeysuckle, water lily and jasmine
  • Base notes of pear and musk

What kind of fragrance lover are you? If you’re more of a citrus lover, you’ll be at home with the Special Edition (this is my favourite of the two). However, if your sweet tooth prefers a more musky, gourmand fragrance, stick to the original. Either way, you can pick both up at The Perfume Shop.


The Eye Concentrate from Creme de la Mer

Although I’m getting on well with everything, there’s one stand out piece that I wanted to write about before covering the whole set because I’ve found the results of using it to be instant and dramatic. Surprisingly, it isn’t the famous face cream – it’s The Eye Concentrate.

The Eye Concentrate is by far the richest cream I’ve used to date. A tiny amount goes a long way because the thick, clear formula spreads and spreads without sinking in or losing any moisture. I’ve been using this just before bed and by morning I’ve awoken to plump, fresh skin around my eyes.

Mainly I’ve been so impressed with this cream because I’ve found that I haven’t needed to use any extra concealer around my eyes. I’m not getting any more sleep than usual or using a different foundation, but I don’t seem to be contending with dark, puffy areas. What’s more is that the 3ml pot that came in my set (which sounded tiny) has been used every night for 2 weeks and still looks barely touched. The regular size is 15ml and costs £125.00, so this little sample is worth £25.00 alone.

Have you ever wondered whether the famous brand is worth the hype? Check out The Introductory Set here – it’s an online exclusive – and let’s compare notes!

The Limited Edition Introductory Set is £45.00 at www.cremedelamer.co.uk.

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